About Us

Vision and Mission


Turn fast food into healthy low calorie fast food, in order to help people eat well and stay fit.


At Sammy’s our mission is simple :
‘To cook is to create and to create a healthy  low-calorie burger without using the main ingredients of fast-food -Flour , Oil and sugar- is an act of faith , integrity and innovation. Our commitment to low-calorie burger meals has and always remained our focus on both quality and services’


Our main goal is to be the first and most successful healthy burger outlet in the world, serving people with tasty and healthy low-calorie burger meals.

Sammy’s team

We specialize in serving healthy low-calorie burger meals with an emphasis on health, hygiene and fresh ingredients.
We make special efforts to keep our meals consistent and our “Special” Just ……Special………
We provide all our workers with  a friendly, cooperative and rewarding environment to encourage long- term growth employment. Simultaneously , we  uphold  staff policies to promote a positive working environment.
Providing a safe , clean and attractive place for customers to enjoy and for employees to work in is our responsibility .
We look forward to be involved in selected charitable and sport activities in our community and region.